Part 2 of the Reactoonz

Come laugh with the zany extraterrestrials of Reactoonz 2 slot.

In Reactoonz 2, your favorite gang of googly-eyed thugs is back and better than ever. This slot game is Play’n GO’s long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s hugely successful initial Reactoonz slot. The prequel is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and the sequel was a smashing success. It may not appear like there are many differences between the two slots, but there are.

The maximum possible win has been increased from 3000 times your bet in the original to 5083 times your stake in the sequel, which is one of the most noticeable changes. The modifiers have also been shifted around, and a new meter has been added. The wilds are equipped with some neat skills as well.

Cascading symbols with cluster pays return in Reactoonz 2, just as they did in the original.

Learning to Laugh at Aliens

The small aliens are back in action in Reactoonz 2, and they’re still using the same 7×7 grid as before. The monsters with the googly eyes serve as ordinary emblems and are more comical than frightening. When you get a winning combination, the monsters on the reels will come to life. The alien entities vary in size, but the number of eyes is the most noticeable difference between them. Payouts begin with purple, brown, dark green, and yellow one-eyed monsters. On the reels, the men with two eyes represent the higher payouts. The colors available are blue, orange, light green, and pink. The cascade feature is activated when five or more identical symbols appear in a vertical or horizontal line, rewarding the player with a payout of between 0.1x and 1x their initial wager. Clusters of 15 or more symbols are the most lucrative, paying anywhere from 3x to 500x your initial wager.

The Wild Gargantoon himself is a wild symbol, meaning he can stand in for any other sign to help you win. In addition, two new wilds—the Energoon wild and the Electric wild—make their debut in Reactoonz 2.

Features from another planet

Effects that cascade

The cascading feature is activated whenever a winning combination of five or more identical symbols is achieved. When the symbols detonate, more will fall down to fill the empty spots.


Each spin begins with a random one-eyed symbol randomly fluctuating. If you get a winning cluster of the wavy symbol, the Fluctometer will fill up with electrifying wilds. Up to three electric wilds can be obtained if the Fluctometer is filled.


Wild symbols can be any other icon, and they can also zap the Reactoonz with their electric charge. For every symbol that is not a wild, the Quantumeter will gain a charge, with the maximum charge being four.

When a cascade is started by a 3×3 Gargantoon wild, it splits into two 2×2 Gargantoon wilds, each of which is then replaced by nine 1×1 Gargantoon wilds.

Explosive Explosion of Random Pairs

When two or more electric wilds are left on the grid, this function is activated. The function eliminates several icons, with wilds being the only ones left standing.

Totally Free Wilds

These spark up on the reels at random and turn into electrifying wilds.

Explore a fascinating new galaxy.

The Reactoonz 2 slot is a 7×7 grid that takes place in an alternate universe. Travel across space and interact with the same enthusiastic aliens from the original game. The upbeat music and simple blue background, which seems like a vortex, create an amazing setting.

Set Maximums

Similar numbers may be seen when comparing the original Reactoonz by the same developer. You can wager anywhere between C$0.20 to C$100. Even though the slot’s RTP has dropped to 96.2%, its volatility has remained strong. Moreover, the highest possible prize is now up to 5,083 times your initial wager.






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