The Yggdrasil Gaming slot machine known as Brazil Bomba

Get in the Game with Brazil Bomba and Its Winning Rhythm

Yggdrasil Gaming has just released a brand new online slot game called Brazil Bomba. This game is perfect for anyone who wishes to inject their lives with a healthy serving of carnival energy. The game has fantastic visuals and audio, and the action takes place on a beach in the evening. If you have ever been to Rio in person during carnival time, you will be amazed by the way that the developers have been able to capture the essence of that environment in slot format, allowing you the chance to indulge in it whenever you like. If you have never been to Rio in person during carnival time, you will still be astonished by the way that the developers have been able to capture that atmosphere.

Put a Face to the Grid

The grid used in Brazil Bomba consists of six columns across and eight rows high. The game is called Brazil Bomba. The grid is set up on a platform that is situated on the beach, and the background displays a very attractive animated landscape in which you can watch the waves of the ocean flow in and out while you play. A woman dressed in her most festive carnival attire can be seen dancing to the music to the left of the grid. She is clutching a hand cannon for reasons that will become more apparent in the near future. A circular display may be found to the right of the grid. This display starts off empty, but it has multiple functions during the game.

A win is awarded if you get a cluster of six primary symbols that are identical to one another, however the top prize for any given symbol is awarded once you achieve a full grid cluster of 48 symbols. The animation is fluid and smooth, and the soundtrack, which has music from a Brazilian carnival and plays throughout the game, will have you swaying along to the beat much like the woman who is standing next to the grid. It is entirely up to you if you want to make things even more immersive by playing while wearing a carnival hat and enjoying a refreshing drink. You can do either of these things as you play.

Mechanic for Dropping Down

When you land a winning cluster, the symbols that are engaged in that victory will “explode” like fireworks and then depart. This makes room for symbols from above to drop down into the new unoccupied spaces, and it also makes room for new symbols to join the grid from above. This dropdown concept is essential to the gameplay of the game, and it has the potential to let you rack up many winnings from a single spin of the reels.

A Bomb of a Feature

The reason for the name of this game is Brazil Bomba, and that reason is because if you spin a bomb symbol onto the grid, the woman who is standing on the left will fire her cannon at it. The bomb will then detonate in the shape of a star, taking up to 16 other symbols with it when it does so. In the event that any Free Spins symbols or additional bomb symbols are in the way of the destruction, those symbols will be spared.

The Multiplier Function

Following a successful dropdown wager or the detonation of a bomb, the circular display to the right of the grid will become operational and will display a multiplier value of x2 as its initial value. This multiplier value will rise by one with each subsequent dropdown win or bomb explosion; hence, the winnings will increase in size with each subsequent dropdown win and bomb explosion. In the event that neither the dropdown win nor the bomb shows, the multiplier value will be reset, and the display will once more return to its blank state as the default setting.

Free Bomba Brazil Spins are Available in This Game

If you get three or more of the Free Spins symbols anywhere on the grid, you’ll activate the game’s most valuable bonus. If you acquire three, four, five, or six Free Spins symbols, you will receive five, ten, fifteen, or twenty free spins, accordingly. In this stage of the game, both the bomb and multiplier features are active; however, the multiplier value won’t be reset until the free spins round is over. The multiplier value can climb indefinitely, so you shouldn’t be surprised if it reaches some dizzying heights. This is especially true if you are successful in adding another 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spins to the grid by getting 3, 4, 5, or 6 additional Free Spins symbols.

Today is the day to play Brazil Bomba!

Brazil Bomba is a fantastic game that will provide you with lots to do for many hours of entertainment. Enjoy the thrill of winning today at your preferred establishment that provides Yggdrasil Gaming games and get in the game!






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